Sunday, December 23, 2012

"I Know How That Sun Feels . . . Waiting for the Light to Show Up"

Yesterday, Saturday, December 22, 2012, Abby D. at Surviving Our Blessings posted a piece about the impact that the Sandy Hook shooting has had on her experience of the final week of this year's Advent season. She wrote:
"I think of my sister, whose pale Alaskan sun sets early in the afternoon this time of year; after a weak attempt at climbing partway up the sky, it gives up and drops quickly back below the horizon again.

"I think I know how that sun feels.

"...The scope of this tragedy, the enormous weight carried by the families who have lost a child, dwarfs my capacity to say anything helpful. My words are raindrops in a hurricane. There's nothing I can say that hasn't been said ... and the storm of words is so deafening, there's almost no point in speaking, anyway."
Almost no point, dear Abby, but not absolutely no point. I, for one, am grateful that you have spoken "anyway." What you have written is light to me on this almost-darkest day before the dawn, at what I pray is the end of a season in which I have felt mostly "too weak to shine."
"We cannot proclaim the limitlessness and omnipotence of God in one breath and then say that God has abandoned us in the next breath....

"God does not need our permission to exist or to be present and is there whether we confess belief in God's existence or not. God is at school and in jail and in Wal-mart and wherever else we can imagine and in all the places we can't imagine. It is not up to us....

"God wants so badly to be with us that God Incarnate came to earth to do just that. To be with us.... If being with us is that important, maybe we ought to pay more attention to being with each other....

"Tending little lights may feel small to me now. But only the presence of little lights—hundreds, thousands, millions of them—can push back the darkness....

"...when we forget about our light or we're too weak to shine, we can hold it out for each other. God's still God. Jesus is still going to be born. We just have to keep watch, to sit together as we wait for the light to show up."
Thank you, dear Abby.


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