Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hit, Stripped, and Shown Mercy: Day 3 of 31 Days of Falling by Faith

There are three things I need to write about, now that I have finished reading the book I mentioned in yesterday's post, A Greater Vision, by Joan Ulicny. I will just touch on each of them briefly tonight (because it is late, but I need to meet my commitment to blog every day for 31 days), and then explore each of them in more detail in the coming days.

(1) When Joan's car was hit by a truck on December 2, 1986, her life as she had known it came to an end. It was a mystery and miracle that she didn't die, and the damage done to her brain and her body required years of painstaking effort on her part, and almost constant assistance and support from professionals, family, and friends, so that she could again walk, talk, and care for her own most basic needs. Her need for help, and the need for extreme patience on everyone's part, was obvious.

But what happens when the damage done is not so obvious, not so physical--such as when a person is "hit" by a loved one's departure or death? When life as one has known it comes suddenly to an end in this way, what damage is done to the one left behind, what help and patience are needed, and how does the injured person ask for that help and patience, even if recovery takes years?

(2) What Joan wanted more than anything but what she didn't get, even after every other part of her had healed, was her eyesight. Yet she titled her book A Greater Vision and wrote, "In place of my eyesight, God has given me a greater vision, one with which I see myself through His eyes, eyes of love rather than condemnation. In order to gain this greater vision, to see myself as God saw me . . . I had to be stripped of everything I was, so that he might recreate me in the image he desired" (p. 172). Thirteen years ago, I was feeling safe and secure in every way I had always longed to be--and then everything started to fall apart....

(3) The subtitle of Joan's book, which I haven't previously mentioned, is Back from Abortion. The book has ten chapters. Abortion isn't mentioned until Chapter Nine. "One grows comfortable with a lie after so many years," she writes. "Satan lied to Adam and Eve by telling them that they could forget God, and by forgetting God, they could become God. I bought into this same lie when I chose to have an abortion. But God in his great love and mercy would not let the story end there."

I, however, must let the story end here--for now.

Until tomorrow.


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