Saturday, October 27, 2012

Resisting the Googly Eyed: Day 16 of Falling by Faith

"Futility or ineffectiveness do not dispense one from speaking the truth, declaring what is wrong, and standing for what is right and just."
—Alfred Delp, S.J.
Alfred Delp was a Jesuit priest executed in February 1945 for his involvement in resisting the Nazi regime in Germany. He spent six months in prison prior to his death. During that time he wrote letters and reflections that were smuggled out before the January trial in which he was sentenced to death by hanging. He was offered freedom if he would renounce the Jesuits, but he refused.

I found the above quote at the top of a blog I wandered into today while doing a bit of online research. A short while later, I learned about the new Obama campaign ad published yesterday on YouTube. In this ad, a young googly-eyed woman discusses voting for the first time as though she is talking about having sex for the first time. The first requirement, she says, that this first-time man must meet is he must be someone who "really cares about and understands women, a guy who cares whether you get health insurance, and specifically whether you get birth control."

Really? A guy whose priority is making sure that women don't have to pay for "birth control"—which we know both includes abortion and often leads to it*—is someone who "really cares about and understands women"? I can guarantee that there are, at the very least, 37,000 women in this country who disagree strongly with this assertion. These are the women who have signed the "Open Letter to President Obama, Secretary Sebelius, and Members of Congress." I am number 16,378 on the list of cosigners. One of the reasons I signed it is I know firsthand the harm that Obama's priority does to a woman, whether she realizes it or not (because for a long time I didn't realize it). This demeaning ad angers me—not just on my own behalf, but also on behalf of all the other women and girls who have been, are being, and will be harmed by it.

In a pre-Christmas sermon preached in Munich on December 22, 1942, Fr. Delp said, "We will not be abused and violated, not even forced to be good or forced to love. We are challenged to do so, but it calls for a decision. The grace of God our Savior 'teaches us to renounce godlessness and to live moral, upright, and pious lives in this world' (Tit 2:12)." These are the words of a man willing to die for resisting an immoral regime. We need to think seriously before giving another morally compromised regime four more years to do what it will.


* The pro-choice Guttmacher Institute admits that an astounding 54 percent of women who have had abortions used a contraceptive method during the month they became pregnant.

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